Szombierki Heat Power Station

Virtual tour of one of the most emblematic symbols of post-industrial Bytom. Today you can visit Szombierki Heat Power Station in Bytom, in Poland  without leaving home. The virtual tour contains only a part of the whole, but it gives an overview of what we can find in the facility. Virtual touring is not a substitute for a real visit and only encourage you to get to know the history of the object and its current state.

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Szombierki Heat Power Station - Szombierki Power Station (Polish: Elektrociepłownia Szombierki) was a coal-fired power station in Szombierki district of Bytom, Poland. A presented virtual tour is a set of 360-degree panoramas, presenting 86 selected locations - from the ground and from the air, from outside and inside of the object.  All locations are logically connected, but in an smart way - you do not always get back to the same place where you start your tour :) This material is intended for people who have not visited this amazing facility yet, but also for people who are familiar with the  Szombierki Heat Power Station - anyone can "look calmly" at selected locations. 
This trip is also, and perhaps above all, for people who for various reasons can not visit this facility. However, since we do not want to "spoil the fun" from visiting the Heat Power Plant, the trip is incomplete. It does not contain all the locations, people who know the object will also find a few shortcuts. A virtual tour is not a substitute for a real visit to the facility. 

List of locations to visit

Szombierki Heat Power Station is a complex of buildings with a huge cubic capacity, unfortunately, most of the equipment has been dismantled. Despite this fact, during this virtual tour, you can come across a few gems. In our trip, you can visit some of the locations hich are made available for visiting in the Power Plant Szombierki.


Management Building

6 locations showing the corridor and staircases of the management building


The engine hall

The Machine Hall (called the Larch Hall) is shown on 7 panoramas

W. Wodna

Water tower

Water tanks, clock face together with the central clock mechanism - 8 locations in total



15 locations registered in the hall and beyond


Pumping stations

17 showing the locations infrastructure remaining after pumping on two levels, including a turbine Skoda


The conveyors

7 scenes showing well-preserved conveyors along with a view of the boilerhouse


The control room

7 panoramas of the control room allows you to familiarize yourself with the most important control elements of the object


View from the air

10 air scenes and 5 locations registered from the ground

The virtual tour include...


... unique locations

Scattered across different, more or less known Power Plants locations ;)


... transitions between locations

This guarantees virtual sightseeing for several dozen minutes


... areas available for sightseeing

Some of them shown in detail, others only in a small part

How to use the virtual tour

The website is prepared to display on any device

A virtual tour of HPP Szombierki Bytom can be done on the screen of your computer, tablet or your mobile phone. The page will match the size and orientation of your device. Additionally, if you have even the simplest VR glasses (such as Cardboard type) you can fully experience the virtual tour of the Thermal Power Plant.

Elektrociepłownia Szombierki Bytom GIF wycieczka widok PC

Desktop computer - after launching the page in the main window, with the mouse you can change the observation point, and zoom in and out using the mouse wheel. Markers appearing at specific points of the scene are transitions to subsequent places - located in accordance with the indication of the point in the picture. You can also display a list of all the locations on the trip and go directly to them.

Tablet / phone - by entering the page address on a mobile device, you can automatically switch to full-screen mode, changing the orientation of the phone to horizontal. If your device is equipped with a gyroscope, the observation point will change depending on the position of the device - it gives an interesting effect. 

Elektrociepłownia Szombierki Bytom GIF wycieczka widok telefon lub tablet
Elektrociepłownia Szombierki Bytom GIF wycieczka widok z gogli VR

VR mode - if you have VR glasses matched to your phone, you can click on the glasses icon on the main screen to start the VR mode. This mode works best with devices equipped with a gyroscope. Then, changing the position of the head, we change the point of view in the scene. Holding the viewfinder in the center at the active point will move to a different scene - thanks to this we can move between locations without removing the glasses.

Widok Elektrociepłowni Szombierki z lotu ptaka

Ready to go sightseeing?

Here you do not need the right outfit, shoes, flashlight or helmet, we also guarantee good weather. Our trip is also safe :) 

Information about the object

In the Internet you will find many interesting pages describing the fate of Heat Power Plant Szombierki Bytom - photo blogs, articles and reports on expeditions. Below you will find the "minimum" set, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the object, its purpose, history and present

Opis Elektrocieplowni Szombierki Bytom na Wikipedii


"Szombierki Power Station (Polish: Elektrociepłownia Szombierki) is a coal-fired power station in Szombierki district of Bytom, Poland. Operational since 1920, since the 1990s it operates at a limited capacity, and is regarded as a monument due to its architectural values."

Opis Elektrocieplowni Szombierki Bytom na stronie Szlaku Zabytków Techniki

Industrial Monuments Route

"The Combined Heat and Power Plant Szombierki has been an inherent component of the landscape of Bytom since it was opened on 29 November 1920. The investor and the first owner of the power plant was the German company Schaffgotsh Bergwerksgesellschaft GmbH, belonging to the Upper Silesian family line of the Schaffgotschs."

Opis Elektrociepłowni Szombierki Bytom na Fundacja EC Generator

Power Plant "Szombierki" in Bytom

"The building was constructed in the modernist style according to the design of architects Emil and George Zillman, the authors of the designs of Giszowiec and Nikiszowiec settlements in Katowice. The construction of the CHP Plant Szombierki was commenced after the end of the World War I. According to a legend, originally, it was supposed to be an explosives factory."